Video Game Review – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The Extraordinary mission at hand series has forever been the zenith of current FPS, particularly because of its broad multiplayer experience. The series has gotten another portion every single year, and the last two games, particularly Apparitions weren’t excessively exceptionally applauded, chiefly on the grounds that they neglected to add a genuinely new thing to the generally old recipe. Important mission at hand: High level Fighting arrives in an extraordinary time for the series, as the COD games really do require a reviving expansion to stay the best FPS available. However, does the game satisfy everyone’s expectations? We should figure it out!


The greater part of the trailers put a ton of accentuation on Kevin Spacey and his main bad guy job in the game. Truth be told, this is the significant strength of the mission all alone, on the grounds that other than that you get the ordinary blockbuster title that you would anticipate from a COD game. You have heaps of halls and on-rails shooting places, with a couple of minor places where you can choose a pseudo open-world methodology. The missions make the most of the cutting edge approach nusantara 77 slot that the game brings, as you will end up in a world loaded up with drones, exo suits as well as other fascinating augmentations.

In any case, the mission is short, close to 6 hours and keeping in mind that it brings a ton of power, in the end it has a flat story wherein Kevin Spacey doesn’t sparkle that much. It is a fascinating story with a decent completion, however needs replay esteem.

Ongoing interaction

The greater part of us will play Vital mission at hand: High level Fighting, yet the majority of the game mechanics can be experienced in the singleplayer also. Close by the typical shooting that you would anticipate from the title, you can now make the most of an exo suit that is carried out with your personality. The suit is one of the significant augmentations in the title, since you can overhaul it at whatever point you need and simply adjust it as per your necessities. The exo suit accompanies a few slick capabilities, one of the best ones being the catching snare that basically transforms you into Batman, since you can move between various places and rise upward without a lot of issue. This might in fact be utilized as a method for getting foes and kill them quietly. The exo likewise has a jetpack-like lift that you can utilize at whatever point you see fit.

All exoscheleton highlights can be utilized in multiplayer also, where players can hop in the air and kill the foes doing that, or they can crush on the ground to overcome adversaries assuming they need. This component alone broadens the multiplayer experience a considerable amount, particularly since your exo capacities can be refined as you progress through the game.

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